Medical tourism offer benefits, but there are some secret hazards associated with the entire process.

Medical tourism is becoming an attractive option for those searching for discounted cosmetic surgery procedures, health treatments as well as spa services. However, medical tourism does present some risks. Finding a certified, professional treatment center overseas can be tough.

Medical Tourism Risks

With advances in technology and widespread publicity of stunning cosmetic results, cosmetic surgery is now more popular than ever. Using this demand has sprung a 20 big industry termed “medical tourism,” where people seeking aesthetic enhancement in the US, UK, or Europe visit places where their currency goes further, greatly lowering the cost of plastic surgery. In countries like India certain procedures run 80% under similar treatments in the US, and also the international medical group Patients Beyond Borders estimates nearly 550,000 Americans are lured every year by package deals of tropical locales and low cosmetic surgery prices. While many times these operations are successful, when things fail it can end up costing patients way over what they bargained for.

Below are a few from the secret hazards we suggest patients consider before boarding a global flight for their next treatment.

Health problems

Any time you visit a foreign country you risk exposing you to ultimately different diseases most Americans’ natural defenses aren’t used to. This risk increases dramatically whenever your body is recovering from surgery. Ailments considered rare in america such as tuberculosis, typhoid, and infections of antibiotic resistant bacteria in addition to gastrointestinal viruses such as Hepatitis A, amoebic dysentery, and paratyphoid, could be more common medical tourism hotspots like India or Thailand. Medical standards will also be different for every country, and customary practices like screening donated blood for diseases might be neglected. If you’re considering a surgical procedure abroad research potential hospitals with one of these risks in mind, and look for independent medical accreditations from organizations like JCI, UKAF, MTA, and Trent.

Healthy Support System: Taking with the a friend, significant other or even a parent may be beneficial for your first treatment because you will need someone to help you recover and rest. Medical vacations aren’t an average vacation, and you may be more stressed than normal. Taking a health tour with another person can reduce stress and make the whole experience much more rewarding.

Revision Surgery

Market research of 2,000 US revision surgeons conducted by Dr. Alizadeh from the Nassau University Medical Center revealed that over 1 / 2 of their patients who got surgery abroad require a number of follow up surgeries due to complications.

  • If things do have a turn for the worse and you’re unhappy together with your surgical results, getting revision surgery to repair it stateside could end up costing a lot more than the original surgery.
  • Stacey Cavaliere, a New Yorker who underwent a disastrous abdominoplasty operation in Costa Rica, wound up having to pay for eight separate surgeries in america to repair the damage that was completed to her body.
  • While it is easy to seek legal redress for botched work overseas, which means hiring a lawyer, translators, and securing a specialist local witness, a long shot generally.
  • No surgery is without risks and ideal surgeons exist in every country. With that in mind, you should carefully weigh the potential risks of medical tourism and choose whether the price is worth it.
  • If you’re thinking about exploring affordable cosmetic treatments done by certified American doctors, e mail us! Our PSP representatives can schedule a free, no obligation consultation having a plastic surgeon near you!

Ramifications from the Language Barrier

Going to a hospital where English isn’t the main language makes it difficult to collect information before and after the procedures.

  • Often when individuals buy a package travel-and-treatment deal they aren’t in a position to pick their doctor or discern their qualifications beforehand.
  • Even though you can confirm the background of a surgeon, inexperienced assistants will sometimes replace the advertised doctor, carry out the procedure, and disappear without following track of the patient or outlining recuperation strategies.
  •  Even worse, if the surgery is compromised it is usually difficult to the hospitals files around the operation, a vital part of revision surgery.
  • President from the British Association of Aesthetic Cosmetic surgeons has seen these situations very many times, as he related to BBC Online, I’d a patient who was torn to bits in Istanbul, another who visited Cuba whose face lift was a disaster. I’ve no records to go on-it’s horrendous.

Insurance policy

Some health insurance providers provide coverage for medical tourism, but many will not cover any follow-up expenses. You will need to find out what is covered throughout the treatment, even if you have been approved for that initial surgery.

Travel Issues

Because of the constrictions of vacation days, money, or visas, many medical tourists schedule the minimum quantity of post-treatment recovery before returning to America.

  • This is a very dangerous choice to make. A lot of the success of a cosmetic operation depends on proper healing, and enduring eighteen hour travel days throughout the most crucial time for recuperation can result in serious complications.
  • Also, airline travel increases the risk of developing thrombus and dangerous issues like venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolus syndrome. Should you choose choose to get an operation done abroad, always make sure that you’ll have extra days to relax before heading back.
  • Some time and Length of Travel: Traveling too early after surgery can present threat. Learn how long you may need to remain in the country before venturing off and away to your next destination to avoid any health risks and risks associated with your procedure. Some medical tourism packages include here we are at rest and recovery, and you’ll need to factor this to your overall travel plans.

Financial Penalties and Total Costs

Reading all of the fine print and total costs associated with your procedure will take time, which means you will need to review the contract and agreements at length before you agree to anything. Find out about any financial penalties related to canceling your procedure if you want to, as well as any fees and taxes associated with the total process.

Taking a health tour after considering many of these important factors can help minimize stress and financial losses, so that you can truly enjoy your medical travel experience.