If you're planning on medical travel unconditionally, contacting an experienced medical tourism agency is the greatest first step.

If you’re planning on medical travel unconditionally, contacting an experienced medical tourism agency is the greatest first step. Simply complete the shape below or call our office as well as an experienced medical tourism guide will contact you to definitely answer any questions you might have.

Medical Tourism Process

Once our medical tourism guide begins aiding you with your medical travel, they’ll require certain information, for example:

  • By discovering World Med Assist, you’ve taken the most crucial step in seeking methods to your medical needs that you’ve found are generally too costly or aren’t easily available in North America.
  • Getting a medical tourism company to coordinate and simplify every factor of your care overseas is very important, leaving you free to concern yourself just with getting your medical condition behind you.
  • Continue reading to see how easy we allow it to be for you to access top quality Global Health Care.

Next, we have to get to know one another better therefore we can tailor a medical means to fix your unique situation.

We’ll contact you to definitely:

  • Find out more about your health background and current medical needs
  • See whether you’re a good candidate for medical travel
  • Explain in greater detail exactly what to expect so when
  • Answer all your questions
  • Describe the way we evaluate medical providers to guarantee the highest quality care for our patients
  • Discuss destination choices for your medical condition and learn your travel preferences.
  • Describe the ‘behind-the-scenes’ services we offer to ensure
  • a smooth, easy and seamless trip abroad for the treatment
  • You provide us with your medical records for example X-rays, MRIs and other test results, which we’ll use in consultation with this network of medical providers to get the best options for you.
  • Your medical condition and private
  • preferences frame our look for the best hospitals and doctors inside our broad network.
  • Once we narrow the field of optimum choices, we offer your records towards the doctors best matched for your situation.
  • They each then evaluate your problem, make recommendations, and supply cost estimates.
  • Provide you having a set of options to review, including detail around the hospitals and background around the doctors we recommend.
  • That will help you make an informed and confident decision, we’ll arrange a phone conference between your overseas medical team.

We are able to add your U.S. healthcare providers to the call if you’d like.

  • Once you’ve made your choice, we take it from there, as well as help you get your travel documents, for example passports and visas, so as and arrange for payment, including financing as needed. Once we’ve tied down the date for the medical tourism procedure, World Med Assist then makes all arrangements using the doctor and hospital, and coordinates your travel itinerary. All you want do is pack a suitcase and board the airplane.
  • When you arrive at your destination, you’ll be greeted in the airport and driven towards the hospital.
  • You’ll be brought to your liaison, who on our behalf, will coordinate your admission and all sorts of details during your stay.
  • During admission, you’ll make payment towards the hospital, usually by charge card, and then you’re ready to meet your medical team.
  • Your lead doctor will show you every aspect of your procedure at length and the in depth pre-op tests.
  • The tests ensure there aren’t any changes in your medical problem since the transfer of records.
  • Most sufferers are impressed using the thoroughness of these tests, and in contrast to in the U.S., are at no additional charge.
  • Whichever of the WorldMed Assist hospitals you’ve chosen, you’ll have the ability to communicate clearly in English, the facilities are pristine and technologically advanced, and also the staff is dedicated to your health care and your personal comfort.

Your medical procedure begins.

  • World Med Assist will remain in constant connection with you and your medical team throughout your stay, and can relay information to loved ones frequently.
  • You’ll be observed at close range during recovery, and when the medical team has determined you’re ready for discharge, you’ll either fly home or perhaps be moved to nearby lodging for more recovery and follow-up care, physical rehabilitation or tests.
  •  When World Med Assist receives word in the medical team that you’re prepared to come home, we confirm your arrivals so that once again, all you want do is pack and board the plane.
  • We remain in close touch once you’re the place to find assist you and your US medical team with any follow-up care.
  • We keep in touch with you for as long as you’ll need us and usually next, and help you get answers out of your overseas doctor should any post-care issues arise.
  • The final step in the process is to reach the host country, undergo the process, recover and then go back home.